AVPro Edge, formerly AVProConnect, is a premier Video Distribution Connectivity Manufacturer, specializing in the latest A/V Technologies available. AVPro Edge has made an impact by presenting unique, out-of-the-box solutions to the Home and Commercial Audio Video Market. We are collocated in Sioux Falls with AVPro Global Holdings right in the heart of America. This gives us the ability to ship to any integrator worldwide overnight and deliver to both coasts of the US in 2 days’ economy. We understand your business model and will help you be successful, our deep understanding of AV electronics is paired with a diverse and vocal customer base has allowed us to move beyond what other manufactures are making, and deliver products with the integrator’s success in mind.


Bio: The leader in GI-POF Active Optical Cables

With a history of innovation spanning more than two decades, Chromis Fiberoptics is the leading provider of high-bandwidth, low-attenuation, tight-bending GigaPOF® graded-index polymer optical fiber, bulk cable and active optical cables. Originating at the legendary Bell Labs—where our company’s founders developed a patented process for making multi-gigabit/s fiber out of plastic—today we proudly engineer and manufacture our GigaPOF® fiber in New Jersey. Serving clients throughout the world—you’ll find our technology in the consumer electronics, data center, aerospace, industrial and medical industries. Highly sought-after in the ProAV market—our GigaPOF® active optical cables are used in cutting-edge commercial and residential projects world-wide. Discover more about our company and products online at


Bio: Developer and manufacturer of fiber optic cable

Innovation: Revolutionized safety, installation speed and durability of fiber optic cable installations. Cleerline products paved the way for fiber adoption in audio-visual applications, which in turn allows for the high-bandwidth needs of tomorrow’s technology.


Bio: Source and supplier of digital solutions, networked media systems, and multiple support brands and product lines.

Liberty AV Solutions is a subsidiary of WESCO Distribution, Inc., a publicly traded Fortune 500 holding company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Liberty AV Solutions makes it headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

With distribution and manufacturing facilities located in Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and Illinois. Liberty remains focused on leading edge technology, customer service and education while continuing to provide the broadest range of professional AV products, services, and solutions available.


Murideo was created out of the need to bring more modern tools to the Custom AV Integrator Market. With a depth of knowledge brought on from years of experience in the electronics industry, we are hell bent on bringing cutting edge Testing and Measurement tools to the world at large that were previously only available to select groups. Murideo’s mission statement is simple; (1) Focus On Technology (2) Focus On Design (3) Focus on our Users.


Bio: Designer and manufacturer of AV-networking equipment

Innovation: Builds high-end networking equipment, uniquely designed for audio and video integrations. Niveo manufactures 10Gbps fiber switches allowing for full 4K distribution over the network for even the most demanding audio-visual integrations.


Bio: Designer and manufacturer of audio-visual electronics

Innovation: Pioneer of high-bandwidth, high-performance electronics in the custom installation and commercial markets, including 4K fiber optic products. TechLogix products revolutionized how users interact with technology in collaboration environments.